Brighton Jewelry & Accessories Care

What is great about Brighton jewelry is the protective lacquer finish that can keep tarnishing at bay. All you need to do is wipe down your piece with a dry, 100% cotton cloth to remove any impurities that may have gathered when wearing.

Just a few tips to ensure the lacquer finish remains intact. Please keep your piece away from water, jewelry cleaners, silver cleaners, treated polishing cloths, perfumes, hairspray, lotions, hand-sanitizers and make-up. Any of these items can damage the protective lacquer and cause tarnishing to occur. Have your Brighton piece be the last item you put on in the morning. It is also best to tuck your cherished item away when not wearing.

Leather: Because leather is a natural product, colors and textures may change with use. Like your own delicate skin, your leather accessory will benefit from regular cleaning and conditioning.

Cleaning suggestions: Brighton leather cleaner is available at many Brighton retailers. You may use a leather cleaner (found at local leather/shoe repair shops) or mild soap (such as Ivory) with warm water to wipe away dust and debris.

Conditioning suggestions: Brighton leather conditioner is available at many Brighton retailers. You may use a leather lotion (found at any local leather/shoe repair shops). Apply liberally with a soft cloth, let dry and gently buff with a clean soft cloth.

Micro-fiber: This exclusive high performance fabric is waterproof and treated for durability.

Cleaning suggestions: A warm damp cloth is all that is needed to keep it free from debris.

Silver Hardware: Silver ornaments are cast in solid brass or zinc, then plated with pure silver. Since silver has a natural tendency to tarnish (oxidize) and scratch, we add a protective layer of lacquer to assist in retarding this typical occurrence.

Cleaning suggestions: To clean your silver ornaments, simply buff with a clean soft cloth. Never use any silver cleaners, jewelry cleaners, or chemicals (this includes jewelry cloths treated with chemical solutions).

To clean the lenses use an optical microfiber cloth to remove any build-up. To keep your glasses in the best condition possible store them away in a protective case when you are not wearing them. During those hot summer months, please do not to store your glasses in the car.

If you have had your glasses fitted with prescription lenses, please refer to any additional instructions provided by your optician.