14K White and Yellow Gold White Sapphire Bar Bracelet

Style: Bar Metal Type: 14k Yellow/White Gold Gemstone: White Sapphire

Indulge in the epitome of elegance with the TB5004M4JWS bracelet meticulously crafted to capture the essence of opulence and grace. The sleek and minimalist bar-style design exudes sophistication, making it the perfect accessory for those with discerning taste.

Elevate your ensemble with the unmistakable allure of 14k yellow and white gold, meticulously sculpted to perfection. The luminous metal serves as a canvas for the dazzling white sapphire gemstone, adding a touch of celestial brilliance to every moment.

Whether you're attending a gala event or simply seeking to add a touch of luxury to your everyday attire, the TB5004M4JWS promises to captivate with its timeless beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship.