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The new year always ushers in new trends, whether it's in the world of fashion, beauty, or jewelry. If you are all set to take the big leap in your relationship in 2024 and get engaged, you must acquaint yourself with the top engagement ring trends projected for the year. After all, as you carefully plan each detail of your romantic, long-envisioned proposal, an equally awe-inspiring and thoughtfully selected engagement ring is needed to match the sentimental highs of the occasion.

Everything - from the cut, clarity, metal, and setting - is crucial when shortlisting the perfect ring for your partner. To ease your selection dilemmas, our expert stylists have forecasted the top 10 engagement ring trends that will rule the charts in 2024 - a combination of some classic designs that are constant on this list, with new-age entrants and old styles that have made a strong comeback. From minimalistic designs that radiate simplicity to bold selections that steal the show, keep reading to find your perfect engagement ring.

1. Three Stone Setting

This ring-setting rose to mainstream prominence after Harry and Megan Markle's engagement; years later, the trend is still as strong as ever. As the name implies, a three-stone setting consists of two gemstones (either diamonds or colored gemstones) accompanying the center stone (usually a diamond), all positioned horizontally to each other. This setting accentuates the ring's overall impact while creating an illusion of a larger center diamond. This modern and classy pattern appeals to women who want their engagement ring to have dazzling sparkle and also cover more area on their finger.

Engagement Ring Trends

Feana - 14k White Gold Emerald Cut Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A three-stone setting is not just a style statement but also imbues profound sentimental value for the couple. The three gemstones, aligned together in harmony, symbolize the couple's cherished past, joyous present, and commitment toward a blissful future. The large center diamond symbolizes their exciting present, while the stones on each side are reminiscent of the past and future. In addition, the three sparkling gemstones also manifest the three founding pillars of a strong marriage – love, respect, and fidelity. In recent years, this setting has been hugely popular with couples, and the trend is only expected to soar further in 2024.

Engagement Ring Trends

Renay - 14K White Gold Round Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

While a diamond is the most popular center stone choice, you can personalize the setting by picking different accompanying gemstones to match your partner’s personality.

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2. Hidden Halo

A modern take on the much-loved classic, a hidden halo setting has an unmissable romantic connotation. Resembling the embrace of two partners in good and bad, through thick and thin, this ring setting features a string of diamonds fully embracing the base of the glorious center diamond. Just the way a couple's bond is intimate and private to them, the hidden halo is distinctly visible only to the wearer when viewed from the side. The beautiful artistry of a hidden halo enhances the center stone's gleam while further highlighting its magnificence and proportionate dimensions. Overall, the center stone and the ring appear bigger than their actual size. Hidden halo setting has fascinated couples for a few years now and will continue as a leading trend in 2024.

Engagement Ring Trends

Allesia - 14K White Gold Oval Cut Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Aldon - 14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

While a hidden halo setting with smaller diamonds encircling and cushioning the large center diamond is popular, you can also opt for a bolder style with diamonds extending to the band.

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3. Floral Design Aesthetic

If your partner’s face lights up every time you surprise her with flowers, imagine her joy when you propose to her with a floral design engagement ring. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of flora, this ring design features a diamond cluster with one large diamond in the center, enveloped by smaller diamonds in a flower-like setting.

Engagement Ring Trends

Lena - 14K White Gold Floral Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Emerye - 14K White Gold Round Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

For a floral engagement ring, there are numerous design patterns to choose from; all imbued with femininity, beauty, and grace.

4. East-West Center Stone Setting

This ring style has an unconventional twist to it (quite literally) that is alluring to those who like distinct choices. Instead of being placed vertically, as is the usual norm, the center stone in this setting is turned and secured in a horizontal position to sit perpendicular to the finger's length. This engagement ring style looks particularly fascinating on long, slender fingers. If your partner classifies as a woman known for her evolved taste and style, then this ring is perfect for her.

Engagement Ring Trends

Delphi - 14K White-Yellow Gold Bypass Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Aiva - 14K White Gold Bypass Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Depending on how much bling you want your engagement ring to exude, you can consciously choose the metal type (scintillating yellow gold or pristine white gold) and the shank design - plain or bejeweled.

5. Fancy-Cut Diamond Center Stone

Contemporary times call for evolved choices. This ring style represents today's modern, independent, and fierce women. Distinct from the regular round shape, fancy-cut diamonds are fashioned in various shapes such as oval, pear, cushion, marquise, emerald, radiant, etc. Each has its own charming attributes and stands out for its singular beauty, cut, and scintillation. Fancy-cut diamonds will certainly capture your attention if you look forward to embracing a fashion-forward, unique engagement ring style.

Engagement Ring Trends

Blaise - 14K White Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval-Cut Diamonds - Slightly closer to a round brilliant, an oval diamond has an elongated shape and, with more weight percentage concentrated at the top, appears larger than a round-cut diamond. For the same carat weight, oval engagement rings cost less than their round diamond counterparts and also offer a bigger size. With a larger surface area, they occupy more space on the finger, giving an illusion of a grander engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Trends

Leina - 14K White Gold Pear Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear-Cut Diamonds: This diamond shape is stunning and, quite literally, the best of both worlds, combining the pointed sharpness of a marquise cut and the round brilliance of the round cut at both ends. The shape caters to contemporary tastes but still retains vintage times' elegance. A pear-shaped engagement ring is perfect if you're looking for a silhouette that signifies opulence and modernity and is exceedingly beautiful.

Engagement Ring Trends

Franka - 14K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald-Cut Diamonds: These diamonds, with 57 facets, typically have well-carved rectangular shapes with linear cuts and distinct lines. Rather than the smooth shine and brilliance of a round or oval cut, an emerald cut refracts light like a shiny, pristine glass, giving the illusion of a mirror-like sharp finish. This modern diamond shape is ideal for strong, confident women who appreciate cutting-edge silhouettes.

6. Bezel Setting or Illusion of a Bezel Center

If you love your diamond engagement ring to pieces but worry about the diamonds' security, then consider a bezel-setting engagement ring. This style holds the center diamond firmly in place with a custom-made thin metal rim. The stone's edges are covered by metal, protecting the diamond without diminishing its luster. This setting secures your center diamond unfailingly and is perfect for those who frequently work out, wear hand accessories or gloves most times, indulge in washing hands too often, or simply live a very active lifestyle and are afraid of losing the diamonds.

You can choose between metals like gold or platinum; and different settings that feature a complete or partial bezel setting.

Engagement Ring Trends

Catallina - 14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A complete bezel covers all sides of the stone, creating a cushion or a more protective seat for the diamond.

Engagement Ring Trends

Dennise - 14K Yellow Gold Wide Band Round Diamond Engagement Ring

A partial bezel, on the other hand, does not encircle the diamond. This enables more light to come through from all sides and, as a result, amplifies its radiance.

7. Delicate Victorian Aesthetic

This setting style typically draws inspiration from three unique periods: the Romantic Period, the Grand Period, and the Aesthetic Period, and represents luxury, sophistication, and charisma. What draws niche audiences to this style is its remarkable feminine appeal and the precise craftsmanship involving milgrain detailings, where tiny metal beads are sculpted to create ornate borders.

Engagement Ring Trends

Sadie - Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

A complete milgrain finish not only lends texture to the jewelry, but also adds a vintage feel to modern styles.

Engagement Ring Trends

Lanna - 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

You can also select a simpler style in which the detailing only surrounds the diamonds.

8. Marquise Accents

For their antiquated style, the marquise engagement rings were not smashing the popularity charts for the past few seasons, but now, thanks to the resurgence of ‘80s fashion, they are back in trend and how. With slight contemporary twists added, these rings are notably catching the eye of many millennial couples.

But even beyond marquise center diamonds, couples particularly love the marquise accents trend. Choose a center diamond (of any cut) and setting for your engagement ring, and to enhance its appeal further, customize the ring with marquise accents. These can be sparkling diamonds or colored gemstones; using birthstones for marquise accents is a splendid choice, too. Not only do marquise accents add rich undertones of feminine beauty to the design, but they also enrich its sparkle manifold.

Engagement Ring Trends

Dani - 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Cami - 14K White Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

9. Clean Art-Deco

If your partner loves all things flashy, then this style is perfect. Rings inspired by the Art Deco era are great due to their emphasis on dramatic shapes, captivating stones, and eye-catching settings.

There is something for everyone in this broad range of designs; whether it's an emerald cut diamond surrounded by baguette diamonds or an octagonal halo covered in round and baguette diamonds, the aesthetics are what have kept this style popular for so long.

Engagement Ring Trends

Seina - 14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Dariella - 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Jonah - 14K White Gold Emerald Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

10. Two Tone Metal

Can't decide between platinum or rose gold? Why not both? Due to the appealing pairing of two distinctive metals, two-tone engagement rings are growing in popularity. People are drawn to this style not only because of its aesthetic charm but also because of its sentimental significance. The coming together of two metal types symbolizes the merging of two different lives. Since the style enhances the overall appeal of the ring and allows for the inclusion of any gemstones, the two-tone metal trend is here to stay for the long haul.

Engagement Ring Trends

Lanie - 14K White-Rose Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Trends

Sharie - 14K White-Rose Gold Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether you plan to surprise your partner with an engagement ring that suits her personality or give her a choice to pick a style she loves, at Gabriel & Co., we believe that information is key to making the right purchase. Now that you are well-versed with the 2024 trends, let them guide you in your journey to find your perfect engagement ring. Shop from our partner retail stores, or visit our website to discover a ring as unique and special as your bond. With our assortment of stylish ring designs crafted to suit different budgets, your chosen ring will certainly befit your dream proposal.